Tuesday, 3 May 2011

On the Train

 I like to ride the train in my short skirt and heels. Sometimes I like to suck off total strangers.
I like to let all the men see my long legs. I sometimes let them stick their cock in my mouth. 
Listen to to me talk all about it. Click here.
I played with myself whilst I read this story.

I love letting total strangers cum in my mouth.

Come back soon. I fucking love it.


  1. we like that you enjoy being a public cumslut. Next time you should be riding the train pantyless and showing off your cunt in public to guys. Keep showing off your holes to anyone who seems interested. Your slutty mouth is just for sucking guys. Keep getting fucked in the ass your cunt and your mouth. And when noone around is available to pump these holes keep masturbating in public. You are such a good slut

  2. I loved hearing your sexy voice tell that story I was getting hard listening to it and I was dreaming that was me who was having his cock sucked by you. I want to hear more dirty stories from you.

  3. I think the idea of reading the tale is particularly suggestive ....
    To be perfect , Daniella , U should try to " act " it , instead of giving the impression of a " Lecture " .
    I know it´s difficult in front of a microphone , but I'm sure that if U close your eyes and concentrate , U can give us even more thrills !!

    Many Congrats anyway : Ur Blog is truly original & exciting !!!!